Think Abroad 2018

            On an altogether too cold Monday evening a group of Belgian and International students forged an environment of conviviality and mutual discovery. The Think Abroad opening event took place Monday in the backyard of LOKO’s headquarters just off the Muntstraat. Stalls representing countries from around the world set up to sell cheap food from the nation they represented. The smell of samosas mixed with bachalhau as we drank wine, sangria and stellas.

            The function of the event is too bring international and local students into a closer correspondence. One of the ways of doing this is by ceating events which are geared towards both populations. As opposed to the fakbars and kantus’s which are frequently attended by only Belgian students, or the English speaking events at Pangea which attracts mostly internationals, the Think Abroad showcase of events is intended to bring the two together. By creating a space where everyone feels welcome and engaged they hope to foster more communication and integreation between the often segregated students community here in Leuven.

            The unfortunately freezing temperatures were offset by warm wine and a pair of firepits. Small groups of students clustered around the open hearths exchanging names, stories and study plans. It turned out to be a cozy evening and friendships were certainly born. The rest of the week is filled with events that have similar goals at heart. Be sure not to miss a closing brunch at Pangea on Friday March 30th, from 12-14:00. Check the website for a full list of the rest of their upcoming events.